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Baked red cabbage steaks with celery/caper salsa

Imogen Taylor - Monday, August 03, 2020

Have you tried baking wedges of red cabbage? - it’s a revelation! They are very “steaky”, (move over cauliflower 🤓). This is round 3 of my experiment with red cabbage cooked this way. I have served it on a cashew-based chipotle cream, with the celery/caper/currant and parsley salsa from last time. I omitted the olives this time as I found them to be too dominant in the previous trial..


Method: bake the cabbage wedges in the oven after quickly searing them in a pan with a little olive oil. The cabbage goes a really silky texture when cooked. 


For the salsa:

1 stalk of Celery

1 clove of Garlic

1 dessertspoon Capers

1 tablespoon Currants

a half bunch of Parsley, finely chopped 

Sherry vinegar

Slivered almonds, dry roasted in a pan to get some colour (and crunch) on them 

Shichimi togarashi (Japanese seven spice)   

Sautée the celery and garlic till soft, then add a splash of sherry vinegar. Add the capers, currants and a good volume of parsley and stir to combine, allowing the parsley to wilt and the ingredients to marry..

Drape the salsa over the “steak” and garnish with the slivered almonds and a sprinkle of shichimi togarashi.









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