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Blueberry and granola breakfast parfait

Imogen Taylor - Wednesday, August 19, 2020

I have made a promise to myself to start recording quantities, when I put together a new recipe.

If I am pleased with a dish, I usually scribble down the ingredients and a few notes on “method”, or at least the order in which I used the ingredients, so i can remember how to reconstruct the dish. But the recording of quantities is on a whole other level; which I have yet to pull off!

So keep an eye out for better and more thorough recipes on this site! (Says she, hoping she’ll have the necessary discipline)! 😜

I am also trying to go back through old dishes and put measurements to them. (No small feat)..

This Blueberry parfait is made with fresh fruits, home-made granola, and yoghurt made with cashew nuts, fresh flesh of a coconut, water, and a probiotic capsule to start the fermentation process. Then add lemon or lime  juice, vanilla extract, and maple syrup (my preferred sweetener).

I'll come back to you with the quantities





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