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A tomato and pasta salad bound together with the mighty Romesco

Imogen Taylor - Wednesday, August 19, 2020

This is a joyous lunchtime dish, or great for a light dinner. If you make up the romesco sauce in advance; a quick and tasty meal is at your fingertips whenever you require..

You will need:

cooked pasta of your choice 

baby tomatoes of various colours, halved

courgettes, sliced and sauteed in minimal oil with a little dash of balsamic vinegar.

spinach leaves, rinsed

basil for garnish

salt and pepper

Toss the pasta through the romesco sauce while the pasta is still hot. Add the remaining ingredients and gently stir through.

Romesco sauce recipe.

20gm yesterday’s artisan bread (preservative and additive free)
1 tbsp sherry vinegar
1 tbsp filtered water

1 large tomato, quartered
1 tbsp almonds
1 tbsp hazelnuts
2 cloves garlic

300gm roasted and marinated red peppers (aka capsicums)
2 tbsp sundried tomatoes, (don’t drain too much of the oil away)..
A pinch of mineral-rich salt
1 heaped tsp good quality paprika
1 heaped tsp bell pepper flakes (if available)


Soak the sliced up bread in the water and sherry vinegar till soaked through.

Into a 200 degree Celsius oven, place 1 tomato, quartered, the almonds and hazelnuts, plus the crushed garlic cloves.
Bake for 20 minutes till “aromatic “, (you will detect the smell of the nuts toasting)..

Place the marinated peppers, the soaked bread, sundried tomatoes, roasted nuts, garlic and tomato in a food processor and blitz till smooth.
Add the salt and spices and blitz again.

This makes an extremely tasty Romesco paste. Alot of the yummy "tang" is down to the vinegar that the red peppers are marinated in.

Fabulous for adding extra flavour to a pasta sauce, or use as a dip!

You could even call this a capsicum and sun-dried tomato pesto, if that helps to better inflame your culinary imagination!

Apologies again for the over-sized photos. The website seems to have lost the facility for diminishing them!



Blueberry and blackberry Galette

Imogen Taylor - Saturday, August 01, 2020
Since I embarked on the world of plant-based cooking - let's face it; it's a wonder-filled culinary path - I have focused on vegetable dishes, as well as RAW dishes - accomplished in the dehydrator.

As I moved into adult life with dairy and egg allergies; the world of Baking has been outside of my attention span. Until Now!

As a chef, "Pastry" was my favourite section of the professional kitchen. But it has taken me till now to develop a curiosity for vegan pastry dishes; go figure?!

My current obsession is with galettes.

I have arrived at a pastry recipe which works really well for savoury and sweet dishes. Please read through the whole recipe before starting to cook...


My Spelt Flour Galette Recipe.

(This is the savoury version. For a sweet pastry, add 1 tbsp coconut sugar)

1 cup organic wholemeal Spelt flour
pinch Himalayan pink salt
25gm vegan butter
3 tbsp water

Blueberry/Blackberry mixture
2 punnets blackberries
1 punnet blueberries
1 tbsp coconut sugar 
zest of 1 lemon

Add coconut sugar and lemon zest to the berries and toss all ingredients together to combine.

To glaze
25gm vegan butter for brushing on the pastry before cooking

Add the vegan butter to the flour/salt/sugar mixture and rub together till you have a crumb.
Add the water and combine till a dough forms.
Put aside to rest for half an hour minimum.

When ready, roll out the dough on a sheet of baking paper till the dough is really thin.

Spill the sticky berry mixture onto the centre of the pastry, leaving room on the outside edge to fold over the berries.

Melt 25gm vegan butter in readiness for brushing on the pastry once you have folded the outsides in towards the centre of the galette.

I have baked this at 200 degrees celcius for 18 minutes. This was a sufficient period in my own oven.
But every oven will be different.

I haven't dusted this with icing sugar as I don't use refined food products.
Let's keep things natural and body-friendly?

p.s. I have an abundant supply of jasmine right outside my kitchen door at the moment!



Vegan breakfast ideas

Imogen Taylor - Friday, July 31, 2020



I'm a great one for buying bananas and watching them go off in the fruit bowl! I salvaged these before they transformed (i don't like them once they’re past the firm stage cos the sugars all change), and caramelised them with maple syrup to have with granola for breakfast this morning.

So; here is granola and caramelised bananas with plums, hemp seeds, caramelised almond slivers, salted caramel coconut yoghurt, et "les fleurs du jardin".



Hummus served with a medley of figs, roquette and vegetables.

Imogen Taylor - Friday, July 24, 2020

Playing round with plants; this is freshly made hummus topped with wild rice, then a medley of blanched broccoli, sautéed scallopini, fresh figs, parsley chiffonade, and roquette πŸŒΏπŸƒπŸŒ±πŸ˜ 

So healthy, fresh and tasty!  @thegastronomicalworkshop

 The black rice adds a great nutty, textural element! 🌱

Meet the Fockers

Imogen Taylor - Saturday, January 14, 2017


I like my food to have Big Personality! These were great fun to make; I have roasted the fennel in the oven while pan-frying the felafels.

For the base we have herbed polenta. And on top of the felafel layer is cucumber, then shitake mushrooms, then fresh fennel.

Drizzle with a tasty dressing and you're all set! (Don't they look like little characters)?!


This second dish uses the exact same ingredients; but i have assembled them differently (the following day).

This assemblage would be lovely with a subtle but rich vegetable stock poured into the bowl just prior to serving. Eh oui?